1. You must be respectful to the other participants and attendees. If a problem occurs please make sure to reach out to the Provision Hacks Organizers. 

  2. All coding, designing, etc. for your project must be developed during the event only. Although you may not begin coding in advance, you may discuss and plan in advance with teammates. 

  3. You can participate in teams of sizes 2-8.
  4. You have to submit your project before 4th July 5:00 PM IST.
  5. The project should be Terminal based only and using any OOP language.
  7. You can either select a given problem statement or you can think of some innovative idea. We encourage you to come up with your creative idea, given problem statement is just for reference.
  8. You have to comment on your code properly.
  9. You have to make a 3-minutes demo video explaining your project keeping in mind about judging criteria.
  10. For any other questions or concerns, please contact geeksforgeeks.vitb@vitbhopal.ac.in